Bottom part of the painting "No Doll "

I wonder

Every evening when twilight falls, I wonder: was it her smiling at me? Was it her, I whisper... when she, fragile and quiet, held her hand out and released the light soft and pale of a fragile moonbeam.
And you've grown into a bright sunshine that rises up in the wide April sky, and I stand, blinded and vain, crouching in your shadow, wandering and alone, forever unable to deserve our dreams.

Every evening I wonder.
But as long as some blue paint stains my fingers, it keeps me safe from an answer.

Michaël Zancan Signature

Thursday 3rd April 2014
Polymanga 2014
From April 18th to the 21st, a large exhibition of my oil paintings will be displayed as part of Polymanga 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland. There will be about 15 original canvases, many original drawings, and an innovative interactive installation that will let visitors "enter the paintings".
Thursday 28th March 2013
Polymanga 2013
I will attend Polymanga 2013 in Montreux, Switzerland, from March 29th to April 1st ( 4 days )
Saturday 24th November 2012
Art to Play 2012
I will be in Art to Play in Nantes, on November 24th and 25th, for a painting context and a stand where to showcase some works.
Wednesday 31th October 2012
Japan Expo Belgium
Meet me at Japan Expo Belgium, in Brussels, from 2nd to 4th November, stand F64 !