Ria Sirach

Monday 22 August 2016
L'un des rares moment de détente de l'année — ces trois jours à laisser nous pénétrer l'âme de cette ancienne demeure bourgeoise et nos pieds nus fouler la fraîcheur des merveilleux carrelages usés. À l'arrière, une terrasse ombragée sous les chênes, surplombant la rivière, que j'ai dessinée sur une carte postale et laissée dans le livre d'or en partant.
Ria Sirach, carte postale aquarelle

Inktober #1

Friday 2 October 2015

Although there are valuable reasons why I didn't paint in one year and a half, the ones that I was hiding behind for not taking the Inktober challenge were only cowardly ones.
What I used to claim with confident irony if you don't have time : take it ! clearly didn't apply to myself anymore. Days have been packed with so many higher-priority tasks that it became easy to legitimate the fact that I couldn't practice art anymore.
I did come up with a drawing here or there, mainly sketches of live models or landscapes, that I kept hidden for they were so poor compared to what I used to showcase. This, until it became scary as hell to show anything to anyone.
The truth is, by not practicing your drawing, no matter how skilled you might have been in your glory days, this skill will decay. My drawing as become really bad. Nothing my hand seem to remind about composition, movement, expressions, anatomy. The strokes are stiff, the ideas bland.
When I saw my artist friends take that inking challenge by the horns, I started to fancy entering the game as well. All my inner protections stood up immediately : no time. no practice. don't do ink. have work to do. don't like ink. should do a painting instead. challenge's for beginners. no time anyway.
And it was not just a question of beating my ass up to seize a pen. It was a question of admitting, that I have become a beginner. And I want to grow good some day.
So this is it, my tries at Inktober, clumsy and raw. But, there.


Friday 6 December 2013
J'aime la nuit; j'aime ce froid.
Enfiler un vieux manteau de laine, ouvrir la fenêtre et plonger mes pensées dans son silence. Peut-être, y brûler une cigarette.
J'aime les nuits froides d'hiver qui me laissent me retrouver un petit instant, le temps que se consume le tabac comme un sablier incandescent. Parfois, si le plaisir de l'évasion semble trop éphémère, je retourne le sablier une seconde fois.
Une toute petite fille, dort. Je ne risquerai pas de troubler son imperceptible respiration de bébé de mes relents de fumée.
Une jeune femme dort aussi, et j'irai dans un moment dégager les boucles brunes de son oreille pour lui chuchoter
que je l'aime.
Les visions courent vers le loin, entre les immeubles assoupis et les arbres noirs, libres, lucides soudain.
J'aime la nuit, j'aime ce froid.
Ici, je m'entrevois.

Vanessa au téléphone portable

Thursday 3 October 2013

Petit croquis opportuniste pendant que la miss juchée sur son canapé pianotait. Hélas je n'ai pas su suspendre le mouvement de ses doigts, aussi cette partie-là s'en trouve-t-elle copieusement bâclée.
131003 sketch of Vanessa with smartphone

The mood to write

Tuesday 30 July 2013

This blog looks abandoned.

At first I lacked time, but then, when the cat died, I had lost the mood.
There would be things to tell, and others to show. Not plenty, but enough to fill up an entry each month, like I used to, like I did for seven years.
There is a painter in me that strives _and a man in me that's growing ready too_ for being reborn.

Blog, I see you soon.

Croquis à l'ordi

Friday 21 June 2013

Voici Vanessa, assez absorbée par les clics pour que je la dessine, au crayon de couleur.

Croquis Vanessa à l'ordi. Crayon de couleur et graphite. Zancan

cat speedpaint

Friday 14 December 2012
cat Speedpaint gribouille

That's a 20 minutes sketch of my cat Tom Gribouille done on the ipad, with a software named sketchpad.

Aug. 16
22/8/2016 Ria Sirach