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Me paintingI was born in Agen, south west France. As far as I remember, I have always been doodling on my schoolbooks margins or on the class tables, which costed me a fair number of punishments. Attracted to any form of creation, I've mostly devoted my teenage years to computer creation, passionate about programming, and had to wait until the age of eighteen before I got involved into painting, thanks to my exciting street art (not to say graffiti) period. In parallel I have tried a lot of painting technics, such as airbrushing that sounded like the natural tool for switching from walls to paper.
I was about 22 when, tired of the ephemeral nature of graffiti, I really started to get involved into drawing. I practiced a lot thanks to various crafts for my engineering school's gazette, party posters or t-shirts. Thanks to the final discovery of oil painting, I finally felt was painting meant.
The serious decision of becoming a painter came after my sterile, unartistic, one-year long experience of engineer's work.

Currently, I'm running a software programming studio in Bordeaux. Despite this time consuming daytime activiy, I take painting very seriously, forcing myself to paint everyday, little or a lot.

My personal style that had refined with years is characterized by an obsessive attention to details, which makes the creation of a canvas an extremely long process.
Due to the long and intense dedication it requires for me to paint, I have developed a quite ambiguous relationship with painting: the activity that's liberating me from the fast-paced rhythm of modern life and its mind-corrupting productivity exigencies, is the very one that plunge myself into a deep solitude and inner worrying.
Despite a colorful palette and some apparently positive themes, I don't manage to hide a certain sadness, and a loneliness palpable.
I'm sure of one thing anyway: painting is saving my soul.

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Feb. 3, 2016 11:14
Great post...superb artwork
Aug. 11, 2015 6:33
Thank you for sharing your art I very much enjoy the beauty of the world you see in your fascinating imagination it takes my heart to lands of delightful wonder :) you're journey of art reminds me a lot of mine and that love hate relationship of our attention to detail is for sure a mutual feeling ^^ we chose the harder but more rewording and beautiful path. I look forward to watching more of where it takes you :)
Jun. 10, 2014 4:55
Stunning - feels like I am lying on the multitude of mattresses or waiting for a train. Love your work. --Carolyn
Jun. 4, 2014 13:20
Hello Michael
your works are superb and inspiring..
Apr. 20, 2014 15:46
J'adore vos oeuvre et les milles et un univers que vous nous présentez. Hier, à Polymanga, je suis tombée amoureuse d'un petit portrait monochrome en aquarelle je suppose, d'une dame aux cheveux un peu bouclés et des tâches de rousseur, datant de 2012. Je crois qu'il était exposé juste à côté de celui pour l'occasion Polymanga 2014 ( celui avec le poisson). Je regrette ne pas le trouver parmi les oeuvres que vous présentez sur internet. Dommage!
Apr. 23, 2014 18:20
Bonjour Jazia, en effet plusieurs des cadres exposés n'avaient jamais été montrés. Je vous l'ai mis en ligne
ici :) Est-ce bien celui-ci ?
Aug. 24, 2013 23:12
Hello Michael! I love your photos! they are very amazing!! Keep the good work up :)
Dec. 21, 2013 23:00
Hey! Thanks !
Solène B
Apr. 22, 2013 9:28
C'est encore moi, je suis passé à Art To Play en Novembre dernier (oui, écrire un message quelques moi après c'est une habitude chez moi) juste le temps d'acheter pour moi moi un petit souvenir, et le voir tous les jour m'impressionne encore de votre talent.
Dec. 21, 2013 23:02
Rebonjour Solène! C'est étonnant ce grand écart Bruxelles-Nantes. Merci d'être re-passé me voir. Quel est ce petit souvenir qui vous as tant plu ?
Feb. 19, 2013 10:54
Hi ! I will write an article on my site about your works and about You. I will send an email when it will be done. It will present your works with your name. And will have link to your portfolio. Hope that You will like it .

Bests !
Dec. 21, 2013 23:10
Hello Dariusz! I'm so sorry, there was a problem on my blog comments system that was hiding the newest messages, and I couldn't see yours... So today I discovered the article you wrote. Many thanks, that was very nice, and particularly flattering to be offered a comparison with this incredible polish painter Siudmak. He has been one of my strongest inspirations back when I started to paint with oils.
A link to your article http://inspirowany.pl/2013/02/19/michael-zancan/
Dec. 19, 2012 16:29
C'est superbe, frais et vivant. Et votre peinture me met toujours de bonne humeur. Je suis une grande rêveuse, et n'ai jamais été déçue par vos œuvres !
Étant actuellement en école d'ingénieurs, et ayant hésité avec des études en graphisme, je continue de nourrir le rêve de me dévouer entièrement au dessin et à la peinture. Continuez ainsi, vous nous faîtes rêver!
(Je connais vos œuvres depuis la visite de votre stand à la Japan expo de Paris.)
Dec. 19, 2012 15:12
J'aime beaucoup votre travail et votre bio, dit vérité est esmeras vous tous les détails, je l'espère, d'atteindre mes 22 ans et j'ai décidé d'apprendre à dessiner et à peindre.


Natalia C

Colombie, Amérique du Sud.
Jul. 9, 2012 20:07
Je suis passée devant votre stand a la Japan Expo. J’ai vu votre stand mais pas vous... c’est dommage j'aurais aimé vous rencontré et échangé quelques mots sur vos œuvres mais je ne vous ai pas vu.
Oct. 19, 2012 17:37
Bonjour Solène,
C'est dommage oui, d'autant que je ne me suis pas absenté très souvent du stand..
Je serai à Japan Expo Belgium, à Bruxelles, début Novembre, si jamais vous êtes dans les parages!
Apr. 9, 2012 2:14
Hello! I first noticed your artworks on deviantart. Your paintings are amazing. I'm from Los Angeles, california and wonder if you know any artists here? I want to be learn how to oil paint. I've always loved drawing and would like to try painting. However, I can't seem to find any good art teachers here. Do you recommend any artists? I simple love your paintings and wish i could paint half as great as you >.<
Mar. 2, 2012 20:42
Superbe travail .. léger mais profond, poétique, tendre, un plaisir pour les yeux et pour l'âme! Et puis, ça fait plaisir de savoir qu'il y a d'aussi bons artistes dans la région bordelaise : )
Mar. 23, 2012 21:33
Merci Rashel pour ce gentil message. Mais oui, notre région regorge de passionnés, n'est-ce-pas mademoiselle Geekette ! ;)
Sep. 25, 2011 12:43
PFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffwwouaaaawou!!!! super!! je suis en admiration ! bravo
Sep. 10, 2011 15:30
My name is Mare and I discovered your art today. It is truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site. I am a contributor to an amazing site called What's Hot & On Top. I would love to interview you for a front page feature. This is done through email. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.
Aug. 22, 2011 20:14
Thank you very much for your wishes Michael.
I will sure need them a lot, because after a long long time that I've been scrambling with my self, and resisting to my canvas and my palettes (damn resistance!!), i think that i finally made the decision to paint as often as i can, so i can make an exhibition, and show my work to the public. Well, I'm still searching the style, but I'm sure i will find it!
... oh, great work with the postcards!
I wish you always the best. and.. just waiting for your next painting!
greetings from Greece! :-)
Aug. 11, 2011 6:22
Hi Michael,
(I posted on your deviantART profile, but just now found your website).
I'm very inspired by your artwork and your overall passion.
I am a 16-year old girl in North America. I have quite a lot of time to decide what I want to do in life. I've considered everything from Neuroscience from the Fine arts to International Relations. I'm still not sure.
I do drawing and occasionally painting on the side as a hobby, as school takes up nearly my life! But I think your work has made me more inspired to try and explore more areas of the arts and what I'm passionate about.
How did you learn to paint with oils? I tried, and I've always wanted to paint 'people' in oils, but I don't know how. Was it just trial and error? Or did you take classes?
Regardless, you're amazing, and I wish you the best of luck!
-an inspired artist
Aug. 5, 2011 10:34
Hello there, Michael.
I just want to say that I like your work and your style very much.
You use great colors and it seems that you have worked on human anatomy pretty well! Keep doing this great paintings, you give us inspiration.!
...and don't forget... certain sadness, and loneliness are feelings that we all artists have from time to time, i completely understand you. In that way we are never alone! These feelings are very strong and help us create and imagine. It's a great trip within our perfect souls. Well, sometimes it may seems difficult, but it makes us stronger. :-)
well... I'd better stop writing and start painting!!
Aug. 21, 2011 17:14
Hi Νόπη,
Those feelings, do they show this much throughout my works? I wish that painting wasn't just a cure for sadness sometimes...
But it certainly helps when someone knocks at your door and tells you how much she would like you to keep it up. Thank you a lot, and all my wishes for you and your art as well!
Jun. 22, 2011 10:24
A Work simply amazing, I have no words... your art is full of magic, it has something really special. As you say, small details create the magic, so many words in just one draw.
Is there any chance to buy any of your pictures?
Jul. 15, 2011 16:14
Hi...! I am sorry for the awful delay :/ Thank you very much for your appreciation, it means to me, although I feel a bit like an impostor for I don't paint at the moment...
There are 2 sites selling prints of my works, both are located in US, I guess not the best option if you are located elsewhere. Maybe you could send me an email and tell me which you'd like, so I can see what I can do.
Mar. 29, 2011 2:14
Hello Michael! Your artwork absolutely amazes me. You definitely earned the spot of my favorite Artist ever! As a young artist I look up to your work and use you as a role model. I am still learning painting/drawing techniques and trying to figure out "the ways of the paintbrush" hahaha. It can be a little frustrating at times. I have been in love/inspired by your Home and the Fairies piece for years!!! My mom bought it for my birthday today, I totally freaked out in happiness. Keep up the good work!