Inktober 2017

Wednesday 11 October 2017

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La première pose

Monday 25 September 2017

Ria Sirach

Monday 22 August 2016
L'un des rares moment de détente de l'année — ces trois jours à laisser nous pénétrer l'âme de cette ancienne demeure bourgeoise et nos pieds nus fouler la fraîcheur des merveilleux carrelages usés. À l'arrière, une terrasse ombragée sous les chênes, surplombant la rivière, que j'ai dessinée sur une carte postale et laissée dans le livre d'or en partant.
Ria Sirach, carte postale aquarelle

Vanessa au téléphone portable

Thursday 3 October 2013

Petit croquis opportuniste pendant que la miss juchée sur son canapé pianotait. Hélas je n'ai pas su suspendre le mouvement de ses doigts, aussi cette partie-là s'en trouve-t-elle copieusement bâclée.
131003 sketch of Vanessa with smartphone

Croquis à l'ordi

Friday 21 June 2013

Voici Vanessa, assez absorbée par les clics pour que je la dessine, au crayon de couleur.

Croquis Vanessa à l'ordi. Crayon de couleur et graphite. Zancan

cat speedpaint

Friday 14 December 2012
cat Speedpaint gribouille

That's a 20 minutes sketch of my cat Tom Gribouille done on the ipad, with a software named sketchpad.

Cambridge Terrasse

Thursday 18 October 2012
De temps en temps, lorsqu'à l'heure du déjeuner, il faisait assez beau, j'allais m'asseoir à la même table sur la terrasse du pub Cambridge, et gribouillais ce dessin en attendant mon plat. Comme c'était souvent 14h passées, il ne restait plus guère de client; j'étais servi trop vite, et ne pouvais poursuivre mon croquis.
J'ai donc fait ce dessin en plusieurs fois; en cinq repas, il me semble.
A vrai dire, rien ne pressait.
Zancan - Cambridge Terrasse drawing

Sur les genoux

Tuesday 26 June 2012
I was working late on my computer; she sat by my side, and as the hours went by, she fell asleep on my knees. Photoshop was open, my tablet wasn't far neither, hence the sketch. It's not that often that I use a tablet to draw. Still that old, minuscule Graphire 2 from Wacom.

Life model session - Julie

Saturday 10 December 2011
111210 Nu d'après modèle - Julie

I continue to do those drawing sessions on saturday mornings. For the moment I've seen a different model each time. It's interesting to see how, depending on the model, you feel more comfortable or a bit uneasy, and also, depending on your state of mind or level of fatigue, it will show up in the result.
It's a blend of high concentration and loose gesture, a mix of sticking to your favorite technique or daring to try different tools. It is interesting too to see what comes up when you completely let go.

I like the flow in the picture above, which was done in 6 minutes. Below, rightmost, is the last sitting the model did, she was a bit tired and had problems sustaining the pose, resulting in some shaking outlines that convey a nice movement to the sketch, I found.

Life drawing session

Saturday 5 November 2011

I had my first session of nude drawing at a very small artist place nearby. I didn't do this in ages! I believe i needed to practice my drawing urgently.
We were a small team of six people drawing, in a totally relaxed atmosphere. We did 8-minute long poses for the first four or five drawings, then we went down to 6-minute poses. The model Christelle stayed for two hours.
I have been using graphite pencils, one dry for quick construction lines, a bold one for most strokes, and a light grey Tombow pencil with brush-shaped tip for quickly filling up the shadows. My approach was rather based on outlines, with just a hint of painterly effect with the grey brush.
I've uploaded the pictures chronologically, it's interesting to see how the strokes get more loose and firm in the middle of the session. The last two ones show signs of tiredness. I totally missed the proportions in the last one.
And yes, it was a good moment. I will attend on a regular basis from now on, on saturday mornings ( provided the previous night's party wasn't too wild ).

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